BBC Approach

Broad Band Communications  BBCIT provide technical services to a whole host of clients and different industry’s.  Our aim is to introduce Technology solutions  which work to make your life efficient .

 We understand cost and the implications of a busy and over stressed environment.  

The Aim is to remove all stress relating to Information Technology , allowing your company to grow and develop strategies that make your business thrive.  

The core business is entering into projects or existing networks, resolving All issues, bringing stability and trust ,  supporting and taking workload, repairing / upgrading technology, conserving of existing resources, and doing it cost effectively. 

BBCIT  Has a long record of problem solving,  we have encountered  some of the biggest projects  which brought experience and understanding of how business works and the effect of Technology on business.


“Honesty is the best policy”  we have all heard this  saying.  But to have lived through 30 years of technology one must develop a style of working with a customer.  People will always mention “having patience”  when we deal with an issue .  

The truth is, technology rules an awful lot of our lives  and after 30 years of helping to manage projects… We at BBCIT work to keep our own lives simple.  Most of the approach  is work completed to avoid problems happening.  This may mean recommendations that seem to the customer to have no effect or no value.

But it is this advice ,  this truth,  which underlines the relationship that we have with all our long standing clients and one which we would hope any prospective customer / Client / person will learn to understand is in all our best interest.

right now in 2021  , We are closing in on another Life cycle moment in terms of IT.   Servers  which have been working for 13 years or more are required to be upgraded.  The present economic environment means we must manage existing systems as best we can, all the time pushing on to new Technology perhaps one machine at a time.  Progress  waits for no one.


In conclusion 

There will always be trying days,  with persistence  we push through  them and find the solutions that obtain 800 days without problems for our clients.  800  days or more without issue.

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